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We begin by prepping the surface of the item. Once it is prepped we place a thin layer of primer paint on it to avoid losing any surface details such as serial numbers on fire arms. After the primer has dried we paint a thin layer of base coat, again keeping it thin enough that any surface details are not lost in gobs of paint. We allow the base coat to dry for at least 24 hours. When the base coat is dry we take the piece to our dipping tanks to perform the actual Water Transfer Printing.

First we measure the item, and cut the customers chosen Film Pattern to the appropriate size. Our tank is fitted with special dividers that allow us to accommodate different sizes of film. After the dividers are placed in the correct setting for the film size, we carefully place the film on the surface of the water. The water must not vary more than 4 degrees above or below a specific temperature or the film will not react properly. When the film is ready we carefully spray it with an activator. Once the ink on the film has reacted to the activator we have only a few seconds to dip the piece. The pressure of the water presses the ink onto the surface of the piece. At this point the ink from the film has been transferred or printed onto the piece, and permanently bonded onto the base coat. We carefully rinse the piece with warm water removing any residue left from the film, and allow the piece to dry.

When the piece has been left alone to dry we place a protective clear coat onto it. Our shop offers matte finish and high gloss finish. Our knowledge and expertise is critical in this step- If you place the wrong type of clear coat on the piece it can be completely ruined, and you must start over from the very beginning. We allow all of our pieces to cure completely before we hand them over to our customer.
At this point the piece is very durable and ready for use in your car, out in the woods, or on the range. As long as you take care of your HydroCoating finish -just like a great paint job on the exterior of car- it’ll last for years!

Let us know what you are thinking of dipping. Our creative team can help you achieve the look you want on just about any item you can think of. No job is too small, and no idea is too crazy!



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